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Nicholas Inman.
UCF's Film BFA Student.
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I don’t know how many are aware of the Goldenrod Daycare accident but the little girl involved who died lived next door to me. It didn’t even take a day for the reporters to start showing up and bugging the family who lost their 4 year old. Its so fucking sick that these reporters are setting up camp waiting for the family to leave their house. A few have come up to me and my roommates and this is a photo of him trying to interview the FedEx dude. I get that they need a story to get paid but fuck leave this poor family alone for awhile.

Doin flips. Thanks @wyad

Friends and I


We’re going to Japan this summer. Thanks to Amy Dorian for the flyer.

I’m touring Japan this summer

Changing that tire

Kisses from my baby

Me and my baby

The only shirt I own